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I am Chaima Monestiri, interior designer and founder of CM Interior Design, passionate about distinctiveness and creativity. Through my design studio, I aim to create tailor-made spaces that will arouse your curiosity, speak to your senses and make you fall in love.

My main goal is to get deeply involved in your requirements and wishes, to imagine your lifestyles, and to help you imagine a future dream space. I not only convert your ideas into space, but I also help you explore them further.

To make your dream come true, we follow a simple and fun process:

  • – We start with a delicious coffee and a constructive discussion aimed at gathering your needs and requirements
  • – Look at your inspirations, images and colors
  • – According to your wishes, I work hard to conceive and arrange your spaces resulting in a first design proposal
  • – It’s coffee time again 🙂 during which I present the moodboard, the layout plans and the 3D simulations of the first proposal. Based on your feedback, I adapt the proposal until we reach perfectness.
  • – Easy, isn’t it 😉